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The ULTIMATE SURVIVAL HOUSE With Everything You Need to Survive!!!

The ULTAMATE SURVIVAL HOUSE With Everything You Need to Survive!!!

This minecraft survival mansion tutorial is big, this is the house from my survival series i built, thought i would do a tutorial on this wooden house because i know people will like. Its make from dark oak, spruce and oak blocks, all block by block. And it has a farm and loads of balcony’s and plenty of space for storage of your materials, has loads of cool paths. I hope i made this tutorial easy to understand, you can always pase the video on use youtubes great features of slow motion mode.
Just done the exterior for now but im sure i can put and interior together. It’s in a modern cabin style but it could also be a meditaranian house.

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—————————- GAME INFO —————————-

• Java Edition 1.16

• BSL Shaders

• Texture:
– Faithful

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