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Dehydrating Eggs at Home For Long Term Food Storage | PREPPER PANTRY HACK

How to Dehydrate Eggs at Home for Long Term Food Storage Tutorial Easy

If you are looking for a easy & safe way to dehydrate raw eggs for your long term food storage, this video is for you.
The price of Eggs has went down slightly, & I’m almost positive it’s temporary, so now is the best time to stock up, & dehydrate them to safely store them for long term.
Now these eggs may only last you 1-2 years depending on how they are stored, but the good thing is, you can continue to buy & dehydrate them after using them in your home to extend that time. You know the term, New to the back, Old to the Front, well there you go, this is how I keep my pantry organized & full. I simply replace what is used, shortly after items get low.
The first thing you want to do before you start, is to make sure your utensils are clean because you are working with raw eggs here.
2nd thing is you want to have your jars sterilized because you will be using them to store & seal your dried egg powder in.. & 3rd, you want to make sure you have oxygen absorbers on hand to put in those jars to make sure moisture do not appear in your stored dehydrated eggs, because this will cause botulism, & you don’t want that, because it can make you ill.
This is why I dry my eggs a 2nd time after grinding them up, is to make sure they are completely dry, & the oxygen absorbers will help with that as well.
I shared in the video with you all of what you need to do if you see your dehydrated eggs dry at the top, & wet at the bottom.. Just flip them over & let them continue to dry at 140F for another 2-4hrs.
Also Salmonella will not be removed from your eggs completely, until they are rehydrated & cooked..So please remember that if you decide that you want to dehydrate raw eggs at home.

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