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Flowerpot candle heaters can KILL you. They are deadly and I hope this #warning video will prevent people from attempting to use these devices for heating.
I am making this video with the intention that it will possibly save somebody’s life. Here we have a flower pot candle heater. it is basically a terracotta pot with another one inside and a whole series of nuts and washers attached to a bolt that runs through. Now, first let me begin by saying that these clay pot heaters are very, very effective at dealing with condensation in an environment like on a boat. All this condensation here now on the windows if I’d been using this tea light heater throughout the night there will be zero condensation. They are extremely effective at dealing away with condensation. This terracotta pot on top gets very hot and the bolt here gets so hot that you can’t touch it. In this case, this was attached to a chain because it’s on a yacht(out of water). Now, please take note of this because these are extremely dangerous devices. The tea lights inside generate about 40 watts each so that’s four in there now
so there are about a hundred and sixty watts of heat. The heat in here gets so intense now and what you actually create is a bomb. Now the paraffin inside these kettle lights very quickly melts, it turns into liquid as the #candle #heater works. Those ones aren’t quite there yet because I only lit this a few minutes ago to demonstrate. Now, let me explain how these are dangerous. These kettle lights, tealights, whichever you want to call them, they should never be less than eight centimetres apart. In this case, they are near on right next to each other. What happens is there are two scenarios that can unfold because the wax turns to liquid, the intense heat creates the possibility for those liquids in each terracotta pot to ignite, however, if the wax liquid wax would leak out and get into this tray at the bottom, it then comes down the bar inside and you can never get rid of it. Now, I had a fire with one of these and that exact scenario happened. The wax leaked out and it came down the shaft of this studding here and during the night it flash flared the whole thing ignited, all the paraffin wax inside the saucer ignited and the flames came reaching out all the way up. They came so high that they actually melted this hook, now look at the damage it did here. It was exactly the same thing, it was hanging on that hook there and ignited in the night and nearly burned the boat down. Now, as I say these flower pot candle heaters are extremely effective at dealing with condensation, however, they are exceedingly dangerous. You must never ever use tea lights that close together. Now, despite saying this I still use this device because as I say it does deal with condensation, however, I only use one tea light at a time but even then there is a danger because the heat that gets generated from this device is really quite remarkable, it is intense heat. This clay pot here once it’s been running for 10 minutes, you can’t hold it, that bar there, it is impossible to touch it without burning your fingers so please, please, please, if you’re going to make one of these do not under any circumstances put multiple tea lights in and never ever leave it unattended. The possibility for this to ignite and flash flare is extremely high. These are not safe devices and even though they may be aesthetically pleasing and very effective in many ways they are totally and utterly lethal. They are very very dangerous. If you use these at some point the possibility of having a fire erupt
within the actual liquid wax itself is extremely high. These are very, very dangerous. I had a lucky escape. Please don’t make the same mistake.

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