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How to Defend against a Shirt Grab – Self Defense

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If you watch street fights on YouTube, you will see that there are many situations where one guys grabs the shirt of his opponent and just starts throwing punches at him.

The shirt grab is a common thing in a street fight. It’s a tactic that allows a fighter to grab on to his victim or opponent to give him more leverage to throw a barrage of punches.

And one thing is for sure, receiving a barrage of punches in a street fight is not a good thing.

That is why, we taught it would be a good thing to demonstrate how to defend against a shirt grab.

There are 2 different sorts of shirt grabbing techniques: with one hand or two hands.

The first thing you want to do if you’re placed in that situation is to immediately bring your hands up. You should also make a slight contact with your arm to the hand of your attacker which is grabbing your shirt.

By having a slight contact to his arm, you can avoid getting sucker punched from underneath.

Against a double hand shirt grab, you have the advantage of having both of your arms free while his are holding on your shirt. That gives you an opportunity to palm strike your opponent directly to the face.

You also have other self-defense options such as eye gouging or even striking the throat of your attacker.

If you go on with the attack, make sure that you follow up with your offensive tactics. You can strike the legs of your attacker with solid short kicks and follow up with devastating blows such as palm strikes, elbows and bicep pops!

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