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VIDEO: Overt Versus Covert Survival Tools

In this video, Wes discusses the importance of adding high visibility to your tools. Day to day, dropping a tool and misplacing it is an inconvenience, but in a survival situation, losing a tool could be the difference between life and death.

It’s easy to add some visibility to your tools with spray paint, paracord, or just choosing to purchase tools that aren’t natural colors. Orange, yellow, and any other bright color that doesn’t blend into grasses and leaf litter can make a huge difference in the overall visibility of items.

On the other hand, it’s preferential for other pieces of equipment to blend in. Using spray paint and dye in more natural colors can tone down black and other high-contrast colors that stick out amongst natural hues.

As Wes says, it’s good to think about your tools and equipment in terms of overt and covert. With a little consideration, you can add functionality and minimize the risk of loss of your valuable tools.

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