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Meat Shortage DO THIS NOW | Food Shortage | Prepping

Meat Shortage DO THIS NOW | Food Shortage | Prepping
Are you ready? Meat going through the roof with price, Prepping Tips! before its gone!

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Food shortage info!

Meat prices are going through the roof, food prices are souring sky high, and getting more expensive as each day passes. There are many factors like supply chain issues and inflation. It is not just hyperinflation that is causing this problem! The war between Russia and Ukraine has a lot to do with all the high grocery prices too.

There is meat shortages are coming, farmers will not be farming this year , farming industry is getting hurt hard, some farmers are not going to be farming this year do to the high prices and all the shortages!

You don’t have to be a prepper to store up meat, it is about using a pressure canner to store meat without refrigeration, store lots of meat for long term! Meat Shortages are going to effect the world. whether you are a prepper ore not hyperinflation is about to make you realize that you need to buy food now and prep and be ready for hard times to come! prepping is the key right now prepping will help. Inflation and hyper inflation and food shortages is going to effect the world. The more you can prepare for emergency now the better!

Empty shelves of meat shortages is going to happen worse and the price of a steak will get crazy high, only rich people will be able to afford meat!

Food shortages are going to have a large impact on meat availability and meat prices. It is smart to buy meat now and pressure cook the meat for long shelf life! Hyperinflation will be very bad! Do what you can now to be as much of a prepper as possible to minimize the impact of inflation and food shortages!

Being a prepper 2022 is the new normal for smart people knowing what is coming. Be smart stockpile your food and buy meat now before it is limited and you see meat shortages and high prices on meat you can not afford. Stock up meat now and store meat long term with no refrigeration.

We are a homestead with lots of prepping tips, garden tips and how to videos to help people through supply chain issues, food shortage crisis, growing your own food and teaching you cool things, along with passing on current important information pertaining to emergency preparedness.

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