Military Survival Kit – SERE Survival Kit!

Survival Kit for military SERE Survival training! This Survival Kit enables the student to use more durable, less contemporary items to effect survival in a permissive and non-permissive environment. Understanding the landscape and how to use basic materials instills confidence in the survivor, especially without a robust kit! The Survival Kit functions to give the survivor the ability to meet all 7 Survival Priorities. Enjoy!

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Mora Companion HD:

Benchmade Folder:

Leatherman Surge:

USGI Magnesium Bar:

Military Lensatic Compass:

NDUR Ferro Rod:

Military Poncho:

Poncho Liner:

Grabber Space Blanket:

Military Sewing Kit:

Black Diamond Headlamp:

Military 1 Quart Canteen:

Military Canteen Cup:

Bungee Cords:

550 Paracord:

USGI Cravat:

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